Thursday, September 25, 2008

NFL: 3 Weeks of Recap

The NFL has gone through its first three weeks of exciting football. For some of the players, it has been the worst three weeks of their lives. There have been multiple reports of injuries, name changes, and even rumors of a suicidal quarterback(Vince Young). Lets start with the Tennessee Titans' quarterback Vince Young.

Vince tore his MCL in the beginning of the match between the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first week. He returned later in the game only to be booed off the field. The next day he talked to his therapist about suicide and then drove away from his house with a gun. The police were notified about this situation and finally caught up with him. No one really knows what Vince is truly feeling but one thing is for sure he is having a mental breakdown. He's a wonderful quarterback and I hope we see him back on top soon.

There have been many key injuries this year in many teams. The Patriots lost their star quarterback, Tom "Terrific" Brady, to a torn ACL and MCL. The Redskins defensive end Jason Taylor is out with compartment syndrome, meaning blood is building up in muscles. Then Willie Parker(Running Back) of the Pittsburgh Steelers sprained his left knee and will probably miss a few games. There are many more injuries but the list could go on forever. Right now their are over 100 injured players, though most of them are not serious at all.

I have saved the best for last, the name change of Chad Johnson. Chad has been with the Cincinnati Bengals for a few years now, and it seems every year he does something outrageous. This time its over the top. He legally changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. Ocho Cinco in Spanish means 8-5 which also is his jersey number. No one can understand Chad's thought process, not even the Bengals' coach Marvin Lewis. Coach Lewis referred to his star wide receiver as "Chad Ocho Psycho". I guess not everyone enjoys Chad's silly antics. That about wraps up everything thats interesting in the NFL, well we could talk about the 5+ DUIs in the NFL but that's for another time.

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Kaity said...

I have only every heard of some of those players once but it sounds like a really rough time out there on the field for them. It's a really informative blog post and I really enjoyed reading it. I wish that my first blog was as good as this one.
One question though, our rugby is your football, right?

Beck!!! said...

It seems as though your football is much tougher, mentally and physically then Australian football. It was really sad to hear about Vince Young, i have never heard of him but i don't think that anyone deserves to be treated like he did, to get booed off the field is pretty awful, he is obviously going through a hard time right now so i hope things improve for him!!!