Thursday, September 18, 2008

A funny blog post I found.

On, blogger Clay Travis gave a humorous approach to a football player's DUI. He talks about how DT Tommy Kelly worked his way back into the NFL after an injury. But then he got a DUI. Though the story maybe serious and not funny on paper but adding a good title makes the whole post. I hope I am able to use Travis' approach of using humor into my blog posts and make them exciting and interesting.

Photo source, from the Flickr photo stream of bigdogwoody2000:


Shelley said...

Humor is tricky in writing. Pictures can make it easier.

Lots of good usable images available via Flickr's Commons and Flickr's Creative Commons images.

Happy blogging, and maybe tell us what you think about the "put me in, coach" urge vs. the scary facts about concussions. Not funny, but interesting...

Matthew said...

i like the idea of incorporating some humor into the sports world. good post except for the fact that you stole the blog that i linked to

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