Monday, September 15, 2008


This blog is dedicated to those brave souls who every Sunday suit up for the brutal yet exhilarating game of football. Every few days, I will write down my thoughts on big news around the National Football League. The news can range from a certain quarterback tearing his ACL to random players being charged with a crime every week. In conclusion, I'll try to keep you the readers inform about news around the NFL while keeping a sardonic approach.

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O'Leary said...

Good post, kinda boring though, mines not much better.

Joanne Troutner said...


Be kind to my Purdue folks in the NFL--at least Drew Brees and Kyle Orton.

JT from Lafayette, IN

Dave Bircher said...

Looks like a good blog. I can try to put some good 'ol CFL news in here too!

loonyhiker said...

Say good words about the Atlanta Braves please! I look forward to more posts.

Doug said...

Thanks for the comments Joanne, Dave, and loonyhiker! There tons of Purdue players across the NFL, it is one of the best colleges for football. So you don't have to worry! CFL, NFL, or NCAA is all great football. Later on I might expand this blog to all the leagues. Loony, Atlanta is looking at a decent season with Matt Ryan as quarterback. Also you confused the Atlanta baseball team with the football team. Atlanta braves play baseball while the Atlanta Falcons play football.